Getting to SDSU

It’s our inaugural post of the new St. Olaf Debate Blog! But we’re not an overly sentimental bunch (don’t tell Bayley), so we’ll get right to the info.

We had some minor difficulties getting started; Enterprise felt the need to randomly take a break in the middle of work hours, so we had to wait in a bit, and then they wouldn’t accept Kevin’s debit card as collateral so we had to do a little bit of negotiating.

After listening to Obama give pretty much the same stump speech in Virginia and Ohio over the course of four hours, we arrived at SDSU only a little bit behind schedule and basically rushed right to our rounds. We were technically ten minutes late, which the judges didn’t care for, but what can you do? I was more frazzled about forgetting my timer at my dorm.

More updates to come soon on a round-by-round basis!

– Alex


One comment on “Getting to SDSU

  1. Bayley says:

    Hey, now. As the Czarina of Fun, I will continue to argue that we have a lot of fun.

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