Round 1: “This House would downsize the military”

The first round was “This House would downsize the military”, with Kevin and I on Government and Bayley and Raffi on Opposition.

Kevin and Alex: I was still a little rattled by a lack of timer, so I personally wasn’t ready to brainstorm immediately, especially in a topic area I’m not overly fond of. After bouncing ideas back and forth, Kevin and I decided to run “stop production of F-35 fighter jets and stick with F-22’s”, as they’re safer and more cost-effective (and we had something about voter confidence or something that we BSed at the last second that got dropped by both sides).

We thought our opponents were pretty unresponsive; they agreed that F-22’s were safer now, but said that we needed to keep producing F-35’s so they become safer, and then said something about how F-35’s are more efficient than F-22’s, but they didn’t give any warrant. They just said that 8 F-35’s can do what 20 F-22’s can do. We’ll see what happens in the ballot.

Raffi and Bayley: It was the first time debating together for these military/foreign policy buffs. The Gov said they would decrease military troops in five years. Apparently, they gave no specifications as to where they would reduce troops or how many troops they would reduce by, so the round was a little muddy according to the two. Bayley got to run a disadvantage about hegemony, which she describes as “her baby”.

– Alex


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