Round 2: “Put them to work”

Round 2 was the signature what-does-this-even-mean resolution, in this case “Put them to work”. Bayley and Raffi were Gov, Kevin and I were Opp.

Bayley and Raffi: They interpreted the resolution as investing in nuclear power, which broke down more or less into your standard nuclear power debate. Although apparently they said that Obama Jobs Bill money for alternative energy would be able to just be randomly reappropriated… to 25 nuclear power plants… 25. Umm, I don’t really know how to interpret that. I’m assuming that besides a scuffle over funding, the rest of the round was normal.

Kevin and Alex: Being Opp, we weren’t super sure on what to do with our prep time. We talked vaguely about strategic approachs (i.e. counterplans, who was more likely to make drops on the opponent teams, etc.). Gov ran the USFG should mandate 750 hours of community service for everyone between their 14th and 18th  birthday. They said it would cure young adult apathy, which would increase the overall effectiveness of volunteer organizations and leave young people more qualified for jobs application. We said 14 year olds doing Habitat humanity don’t help that much, if everyone has an equal amount of mandated service doesn’t do anything, kids would get stressed out and be bad at school, and then it’s a giant overreach of the federal government that sets a dangerous precedent. We both went back and forth, and some good points were made on both sides. Regardless of how the round went, I feel really good about my impact calculus in the rebuttal, so that’s a reward in itself.

– Alex


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