Round 3: “This House prefers debate over action”

This resolution. THIS RESOLUTION.

I’m not going to bother separating this one by people. We were both Opp, and in both rounds Gov said debate is diplomacy and action is military engagement. We all did a really sloppy job flowing the first speech and didn’t entirely know what was going on for the rest of the round. We both ran a topicality saying that diplomacy is action, so they should lose.

The only difference was that Bayley and Raffi had the round revolving around Syria, so there was some analysis specific to that. For us, the house was the “US population”, so in the 2nd negative speech I basically introduced a new framework saying that if the house is the US population, we only care about what people think, not what actually happens. Meaning regardless of the actual consequences, if people think attacking Iran makes us safer or going into Iraq and Afghanistan instills democracy, we win. Kinda sketchy, especially introducing it during the block.

None of us really know what happened.

– Alex


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