Where’d the PLUM 16.3 go?

Parliamentary Debate in the Midwest is an interesting phenomenon. Tonight we were initially scheduled to attend the PLUM 16.3 at Bethany Lutheran, but it seems that no one besides us signed up to attend, and accordingly the tournament was cancelled. We were all pretty heart-broken.

That technically means debate is over for the first semester of this school year! Yet another heart-breaker. However, the leadership collectively is really excited for the future prospects of the team. We have several up-and-comers who really seem to have a knack for the activity and definitely have the potential to be serious powerhouses in the long-run. Additionally, our success has appeared to have curried some favor within the administration (rumors have circulated about a coach possibly sometime within a year or two?), so the long-term viability of the program appears to be guaranteed. Plenty of good things on the horizon.

We’ll take December off, recharge our batteries, visit loved ones, etc., but look for us in January at the Sleet and Snow Swing in Seward, Nebraksa! Happy Holidays!


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