Round 2: The United States is not safe

In what we start to see as an emerging pattern, Kevin and I debated a pretty normal round while Nathaniel and Robbie went the more esoteric route. On Opp, we decided to prep for gun control, which is exactly what we got. We unfortunately missed that the Gov team offered a criterion that we should only look at security in schools in terms of our impacts. We offered some arguments outside of the scope of that;  the criterion wasn’t discussed again until the Gov’s rebuttal, so we’re not sure how much bearing it’ll have on the round.

Nathaniel and Robbie took the resolution much more literally, saying that the United States is not safe from pretty much anything. Most specifically, the United States is a threat to itself. The debate ended up being more of a facts debate, and the statement that was trying to be proven either true or false was fairly subjective, so that’s probably a round that will be decided more on debate technique than pure substance.

– Alex


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