Finals: This House believes it is at the light at the end of the tunnel

No sense hiding it anymore, seeing as how almost everyone at the tournament was there to watch the final round. Being on Gov, we said that the resolution meant we had almost gotten past the fiscal crisis, but needed one last step to be really secure. Thus our plan, the last step, was banning the sale and usage of naked credit default swaps.

Debating against Bethany SS, one of its members being a finance major and general policy guru, we couldn’t rely on just confusing them with strange Econ jargon. That ended up ultimately being our undoing; the concept was entirely new to probably just about everyone in the room, and Bethany did a much better job describing CDS to the audience in a way that made them sound much less scary than our case made them out to be. They also used a rather large amount of food analogies during their speeches, and we just couldn’t compete with that.

We ended up losing on 3-0 decision, which made sense by me. SS is a very skilled team who always gives us a run for our money and did an excellent job handling an unexpected case.

Overall, we’re very pleased with how the tournament went. Kevin and I were honored to have made it as far as the final round, and in general the team had our faith restored in Minnesota debate a little bit when we didn’t lose just for bringing up theory or topicality in earlier rounds. We look forward to a potential rematch with Bethany SS at our next tournament, the PLUM 16.4 on Tuesday, February 5th!

– Alex


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