Round 4: This House would look to its past to shape its future

Minnesota Parli, everyone. First off, this is verbatim a resolution from State semis last year. Second, this is literally the vaguest resolution possible. You could’ve just wrote “Do an advantage”. Seriously, “This House would look at a harm to come up with solvency.”

Nathaniel and Robbie had the fortune of being Gov on this one and interpreted the resolution very generally about how introspection is ultimately good for effective decision making. They said it could’ve been better and it could’ve been worse.

In some sort of terrible aligning of the cosmos, Kevin and I were assigned Opp for the third time in four rounds. SCSU appeared to be having some issues with tabbing and powering. Furthermore indicating the universe was out to get us, our opponents were from Ripon College who, for the third time in four times we’ve debated their top team, decided to run a vague facts/values case pertaining to movies and art in general. Not willing to lose another round just because Kevin and I don’t know that much about art, as leader of opposition I threw all caution to the wind and ran a theory shell. In Minnesota. Apparently Minnesota Parli isn’t quite as troubled as we thought because we won the round and I personally got my one 30 in speaker points for the day. Some faith was restored.


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