PLUM 16.4, Gold Round and sweepstakes

Gold Round, End the violence

Getting Gov and being permanently scared from the last round’s giant T debate, we decided to make our plan as topical as possible and said the USFG was going to reinstate the 1994 assault weapons ban. We made all the typical arguments, but I was running a little long on time so in the first constructive I just randomly on-the-spot made up an advantage about soft power and how the world perceives the United States as being obsessed with guns, so a step toward ending gun violence buys us international favor. Or something.

We got the sense that Bethany was struggling with some personal convictions as they admitted at least partial solvency on all of our advantages and never ran the typical NRA talking points how more guns leads to less crime, gun laws just put guns in the hands of criminals, etc.

It was a pretty standard round, and we walked away with a 3-0 win, thus winning the tournament.


Our performance at the PLUM 16.4 secured Olaf’s position as leader in team sweepstakes; we currently have 91 sweepstakes points, with the second place team, BLC, having 51 points, and the third place team, South Dakota State University, having 26 points. We’re just three points shy of having more points than all the teams from third place down combined. Kevin and I also surpassed our individual sweepstakes rival, William Soule, this tournament, but that’s due to the fact that he just didn’t go to this tournament. We’ll take it nonetheless. You can check out all the stats on Bethany’s detailed summary of the tournament results.

You can see the St. Olaf Debate team at their next tournament, the Minnesota College Forensics Association state tournament on February 16th-17th, as St. Olaf defends its title as state champions. It’ll be a good showing!

– Alex


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