PLUM 16.4, Prelims

Kevin and I as well as Robbie and Nathaniel once again took time out of our interim break to storm the Midwest debating scene, this time at the PLUM 16.4, graciously hosted by Bethany Luther College as always.

Round 1, This House believes smart phones don’t make us smart

This was an interesting round, namely that the resolution  suggested a facts case rather than a policy case (it’s pretty hard to legislate against smart phones). However, the phrase “This House” made teams feel compelled to define an actor just for the sake of defining. Houses ranged from the American Psychological Association to an average citizen to society as a whole. Other than that, everything went exactly as you would have expected.

Round 2, This House would rather socialize than capitalize

Nathaniel and Robbie had the fortune of having a bye this round, so we can really only attest to what Kevin and I saw. We were Opp, and the Government team said the resolution meant we were to debate which is preferable: being friendly or having a more cutthroat attitude. The debate ran into the typical problem that arises with a comparative resolution; most actions in life can be motivated by both a concern for society or personal ambition. Kevin and I basically said capitalism based on a cut-throat attitude is good for society as a whole and the United States, capitalism’s poster child, is the world’s leader in innovation.

Round 3, Victor is morally correct in publishing the articles.

The standard case study round that occurs at every PLUM tournament, this one was about a mayor of a city potentially spreading false information about cherry farmers who may or may not have been waging a smear campaign against the city’s local plum industry. Everyone who won this round that we talked opted to define morality as utilitarianism. Nathaniel and Robbie on Gov argued that preserving the plum industry was more important than anything else, while Kevin and I on Opp essentially said an eye for eye makes the world go blind. You can read the full case study through the link to the results page in the break rounds post.



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