Round 1: Minnesota should adopt the Governor Dayton tax plan

Kevin instantly redeemed himself after any lost credibility due to poor hotel booking the moment our teams saw the Round 1 resolution. Kevin is actually an intern for Northfield’s Minnesota state senator, so he knew the Dayton tax plan very well. And it just so happened that last Wednesday Kevin gave a 15 minute lecture on the Governor Dayton tax plan and its pros and cons. Accordingly,we have fairly high hopes for the first round. However, as we all know, debate isn’t just about knowing the topic, so we’ll see what results have for us.

The debates played out slightly differently than you would get from a federal budget round. Minnesota has a constitutional clause legally mandating that the state government balance the deficit (so no “deficit good” arguments), and the resolution only allowed us to discuss tax policy (so no “cut more/cut less” arguments). Overall, we’re excited, and there’s no better way to kick off the Minnesota State tournament with a Minnesota-specific round.


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