Octofinals: The United States should take a strategic risk toward Iran

Bayley and Raffi and Kevin and I broke! Even better, Bayley and Raffi were first seed, meaning they got the one bye offered and didn’t have to debate this round.

Kevin and I were Opp, and the government team ran that we should end all sanctions against Iran. They said that would lead to better Iranian relations and better U.S. soft power as a whole. We had two main arguments: U.S.-Israeli relations goes down due to the U.S.’s sleight, and so the U.S. doesn’t had its one foothold into Israel anymore and all hell breaks loose in the Middle East because the U.S. is the source of stability (imperialism!). We also said that no sanctions means no check on Iran, they attack Israel, nuclear war ensues, everyone dies. The end.

– Alex


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