Quarterfinal: This House believes that dependence on hydraulic fracking is unsustainable

Kevin and I made it on, and Bayley and Raffi automatically won the octo, so we had two teams running strong. Bayley and Raffi got Gov, and Kevin and I got Opp.

So this resolution does a couple of weird things which ended up defining all four rounds, based on talking to other people. First, in the status quo we are not dependent on hydraulic fracking; it’s a large part of our energy portfolio, but does not make up a plurality of that portfolio, so the resolution forces us to envision a world where we ramp up hydraulic fracking significantly. The second and more concerning aspect  is that hydraulic fracking draws natural gas, a fossil fuel, which in the traditional sense is unsustainable by definition. A fossil fuel can’t last forever, so it’s not sustainable. Which is what every single team on Gov ended up saying.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, every single team that was placed on Opp got knocked out of the tournament. Raffi and Bayley ended up beating a hybrid St. Ben/Bethel team and we lost to Carleton. The personal opinion of this author is that if the same side wins every single round, that probably suggests something unfair in the resolution. Nonetheless, any sort of unfairness has little “impact”, if you will. The teams in the semis, Carleton ET, our very own Bayley and Raffi, SCSU LR, and Bethany SS, are all fantastic teams, and even if the resolution were more evenly balanced, it’s highly possible that those teams could have won anyway.

We’re in the room with Bayley and Raffi right now, waiting for Bethany to get done with some Extemp so we can start the round. We wish the best to the remaining semi-finalists and we can’t wait to root on Bayley and Raffi!

– Alex

UPDATE: Looking back at the ballots, this round wasn’t unwinnable for Kevin and I as the earlier post might have made it out to be. The judges pretty clearly outlined possible tacks we could’ve taken to win the round. Not to say that the odds weren’t stacked against us, but Carleton did a spot-on job and weren’t even as abusive as they could’ve been.


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