PKD Nationals, Day 0

We made it to St. Louis for the 2013 Pi Kappa Delta National tournament! Right now we’re just chilling in the hotel. A virtue of doing not doing speech, we don’t have our first round until nearly 2:00, so we can sleep in and maybe do homework. Maybe.

A little background on the tournament tomorrow, this seems like it’s going to be very different from our Nationals experience at NPDA last year. There are 41 teams entered in the open division for Parli. We only recognize one, a team from NDSU. However, looking at the NPDA Sweepstakes Points, it doesn’t look like any teams entered have been blazing up the circuit or anything like that. NPDA Sweepstakes are by no means comprehensive though (for example, it didn’t count the Jackrabbit Joust or any of the PLUM’s for us), so you never know. Long story short, we’re hoping this tournament is going to be more our cup of tea.

We’ll have three rounds Thursday, three rounds on Friday, and any potential break rounds will happen on Saturday. The tournament won’t break past quarterfinals, regardless of the number of entries, so odds of Saturday happening are slim, but we’re optimistic nonetheless.


One comment on “PKD Nationals, Day 0

  1. everhart92 says:

    A little extra context, there are 142 registered debate judges and approximately 10 of them submitted paradigms. Not sure what that means for the days to come.

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