PKD Round 1, The USFG should increase its military support of its allies

We were pretty happy with the first resolution. Specific enough to know what’s going on during prep time, general enough to grant the Government some flexibility. It looked like this was going to be a tournament right up our alley. Bayley and Raffi were Gov and Kevin and I were on Opp.

Bayley and Raffi

The Gov team ran “send 10,000 additional troops to South Korea.” However, much to the dismay of our two foreign policy gurus, the definition of troops ended up being rather flexible; after several questions, the Gov team said that troops could refer to any military unit, whether it be a fighter jet, aircraft carrier, tank, etc. Raffi criticized this by saying in general when CNN uses the word “troops”, it always refers to infantry, and just in general an overly shifty definition means Gov gets to just wiggle out of whatever disadvantages they want.

Overall, the two argued that placing additional troops above and beyond regularly scheduled war games would very likely provoke the North Korean government, resulting in war with little actual improvements to defense.

Alex and Kevin

Kevin and I used the plan, “The United States would use drone strikes to assist the French government in the current conflict with Al-Qaeda in Mali.” We said Mali’s super mountainous, and the only way anyone has a shot of ending the conflict quickly is through the use of drones that can manage the difficult terrain.

Opp came back and said we can’t operate under a “the ends justify the means” paradigm because that leads to us getting into every military conflict ever and destroying culture. They also offered a diplomacy counterplan. We said nothing in the plan text requires us to go into future conflicts, al-Qaeda is already destroying the culture, and they proved that diplomacy with al-Qaeda has any chance of ending the conflict.


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