PKD Round 2, The USFG should substantially increase cybersecurity protections

Bayley and Raffi, Gov

The two ran “The USFG should pass the Cybersecurity Protection and Regulation Act of 2013.” The plan allocated a billion dollars to cybersecurity R&D and place new business regulations regarding cybersecurity. Basically, everything you expect from a vanilla discussion on cybersecurity, all without anyone understanding exactly how to actually improve cybersecurity. Seriously, what do you actually do?

Opp hopped on that confusion by saying Gov didn’t have solvency because Gov didn’t offer specifics on what those regulations would look like. They also offered a counterplan of passing SOPA and PIPA instead.

Alex and Kevin, Opp

Gov offered a weird plan: “The USFG would ban American consumer from buying things via online shopping from foreign countries.” We didn’t articulate it quite this way, but it’s essentially an internet embargo on the rest of the world. Gov said this stops identity theft and prevents WikiLeaks-like events. We said identify theft happens domestically too, they don’t actually fix servers or loopholes in the physical technology, and they in no way address national security issues.

We also ran with a disad based on the comments of the Telecommunications Industry Association (woohoo for internet research in prep) stating that any mandated regulations distract from the specific needs and interests of individual companies. So preoccupied with the endless bureaucracy of trying to meet new regulations,  we would see the quality of cybersecurity decrease overall.


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