PKD Round 4, This House cherishes the Reagan legacy

Bayley and Raffi, Gov

Bayley jumped at the idea of getting to be “the good little Republican” that she is. However, the round ended up having very little to do with Ronald Reagan. They interpreted the resolution to mean, “The United States federal government cherishes Reagan’s legacy of developing nuclear power.” Accordingly, they offered the plan of having the United States investing in thorium reactor nuclear power plants (which are super cool and you should definitely check them out).

Opp was not pleased with that interpretation and spent their entire 8 minute constructive running topicality. The judge in the round said beforehand that he was okay with speed, so Bayley went in guns ablazin’ and just outright spread them on the theory, reverse voting issues and everything. So the round depends exclusively on T.

Alex and Kevin, Gov

We decided to approach it as a value case, but our value was American prosperity with a criterion of net benefits; not exactly innovative. We said the resolution referred to Ronald Reagan’s legacy on immigration and talked about how the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act passed under the Reagan administration lead to increased cultural appreciation, long-term economic growth, a fairer jobs market, and increased bipartisanship.

Our opponents said that our definition was limiting, but never actually offered a topicality shell. They then talked about other aspects of Reagan’s administration like Reaganomics, Iran-Contra, and Star Wars.  We provided answers to all of their stuff, saying it was either insignificant or, in the case of Reaganomics, actually a good thing. However, they never denied that any of those wonderful things with immigration happened, so we got to flow through a bunch of fun impacts.


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