PKD Semifinals, The USFG should take greater responsibility in the health of its citizens

I’m currently in a health care economics class and Kevin currently works as a MN Senate intern where they’re currently discussing how to structure the state health care exchange required by the Affordable Care Act, so this was basically our bread and butter. We ran a plan saying that the USFG should mandate that all of the state health care insurance exchanges scheduled to go up in 2014 should offer no more than 20 plans, and that the 20 plans would be chosen by a state-commissioned review board. We said that would actually increase competition since 20 plans is a small enough number that uninsured people actually look at and assess the plans rather than using cognitive shortcuts.

Basically the entire debate came down to a link battle. They said that limiting the market to 20 plans would destroy competition which accordingly destroys the world, people die of diseases due to the new absence of health care, etc. So Kevin and I just kept repeating enthusiastically, “Capitalism is predicated on perfect information.” Which apparently ended up working out just fine, because we won on a 3-0 decision. The judges did say that we probably could’ve have been more specific because we got out of a DA links only offering details about the Affordable Care Act that we omitted in our first speech. Nevertheless, we were heading on to finals.


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