Quarterfinals: This House believes Russia should let Edward Snowden go.

We had three teams make it to quarterfinals! They were Bayley and Raffi, Maureen and David, and Caroline and myself. Interestingly, we’ve also incrementally added one more team to the Vocal Viking quarterfinal round since 2011. One in 2011, two in 2012, and three in 2013. There were two primary perspectives between the three different rounds: Russia’s and the US’s. From Russia’s end, Gov teams argued that the move would increase Russia’s standing with the U.S. which would have a bunch of positive spillover benefits. From the US’s end, Snowden committed treason and we need to get him. Regardless of what Gov said, Opp mostly talked about whistle-blowing culture and resultant corruption. Sadly, we maintained our historical precedent of never advancing anyone beyond the quarterfinal at the Vocal Viking. We’ll take the time to watch the finals, and wish the best of luck to competitors that move forward!

– Alex


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