Quarter-Final: “This House would tax the church.”

Bayley and Raffi as well as Kevin and I broke! We were ready to debate about econ and churches. Or so we thought.

Bayley and Raffi were on Gov, and they interpreted the resolution very literally. They said that they would tax the top 50% of churches without tax-exempt status. The plan very conveniently dodged the idea of tax burden on churches that couldn’t afford it.

Kevin and I were opp, and the government took a more creative approach to it. They interpreted “tax” as “to stress”, rather than the straight-up taxation idea. They then said the Pope would tax the Catholic Church by having priests go out and speaking at events outside the church once a month. They said this would help rectify any sort of disenfranchisement that the Catholic church is experiencing. We said that the plan doesn’t reach the already disenfranchised, since they wouldn’t go to events.

Unfortunately, we found out that both of us lost these rounds, so St. Olaf has officially been knocked out of the tournament. Fortunately, that gives us the privilege of watching the rounds of the people that are winning, so we’ll get some good learning experiences out of it.

– Alex


Round 2: “This House would Google it.”

Seriously? Another resolution where Opposition basically had no chance of predicting what the Government was going to run. One of our Gov teams had the courtesy to make it actually about Googling, specifically in the context of informing voters prior to the election, but that was about it. Other topics included gay marriage and women’s schools in Afghanistan. It’s kinda like the Wild West out here. Kevin and I managed to whip up a counterplan, which I always find satisfying if it’s not an absolute train-wreck. Due to the ambiguity of the resolution, everyone is again feeling pretty unsure.

We’re reallllly hoping for a more specific resolution for round 3. Which won’t happen for about another two and a half hours since we’re not doing speech. We’re taking a very long lunch break.

Round 1: “This House would unleash… the MONSTER!”

Really, that was the resolution. With the caps and exclamation mark. Damn it, Jon Logging. At least it was Halloween themed. Basically, if you were on Opp, you had just 15-minutes of angst during your prep-time. Topics we saw included, but were not limited to: marijuana, U.S. foreign policy, and the fiscal cliff. The presentation of the latter two topics appeared to be rather confusing to our debaters, so we’ll see what ballots have to say. Per usual.

– Alex

Carpooling to the Vocal Viking!

Today on our drive to the tournament, the Vocal Viking at Bethany Lutheran, we carpooled with Carleton, breaking new ground in the Cannon River Rivalry. It’s pretty crazy. It also gives extensive new fodder for jokes during our thank-yous (“We already did this debate in the car, so we’re not going to do it now; they better be civil or we won’t drive them home; etc.).